The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi by Charles Haanel with MRR

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Learn the "Real" science of the Law of Attraction from one of the greatest masters ever.

You will find nothing in these lessons that will conflict with any religious principles that you may hold. On the other hand, your spiritual convictions may be strengthened because you will find that Truth ha salways been the same throughout history regardless of the name it may take.

Outline of The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi

Part One: Ida, Pingala, Sushumana
Part Two: Levitating the Astral Body
Part Three: Kundalini, The Serpent Power
Part Four: Breath, The Elixir of Life
Part Five: Control of Life
Part Six: The Eight Steps to Mastery
Part Seven: Sublimation of Reproductive Energy
Part Eight: Utilization of Infinite Power
Part Nine: The Breath of Life
Part Ten: Reviving the Dead
Part Eleven: The Inner Light
Part Twelve: Perfect Harmony

Introduction by the Author

In this volume I have embodied many valuable secrets, which have been collected with great care from the treasured wisdom of Ancient India. These secrets if put into daily practice will bring you added health, greater success, and unbounded happiness. They will prove to be a "guide, philosopher, and friend" and will serve you well in times of trouble, difficulty, or disease. In fact, you will soon come to regard them as the greatest boon that has ever come into your life. They will invest you with courage, hope, health, success, power, length of days, a radiant countenance, and a magnetic personality.

You will now probably want to know something concerning Victor S. Perera, who has collaborated with me in penning this work. He was born February 21, 1897, at Matara, on the Island of Ceylon, India. He was born of Cingalese parents and was brought up as a Christian. His early education was in Cingalese, his mother-tongue, but he was later educated in English and attended an English College.

His health was delicate, which made him quiet and reserved, but he had a marvelous memory, which soon placed him at the head of his classmates inevery subject. Because of continued ill-health, he left college in 1913, passing out as an undergraduate of Cambridge University. He had intended to study medicine, but ill-health prevented and in 1917 he became a teacher.

He contributed articles to the Indian Recorder (1923-1924) on "The Operation of the Law of Karma", which gave the highest teachings that have been long lost to the world, concerning the operation of the Law of Cause and Effect on the mental plane. The article received the highest appreciation.

The important facts contained in this volume will place a sceptre of power in your hands with which you can open a pathway to health, success, and the life abundant. You will find that they contain a priceless message that will bring solace to your mental wounds in times of distress. You will come to feel that you have realized a lifelong dream and will often regret that this information did not come to you much earlier. And, what is best of all, you will find nothing in these lessons that will in any way conflict with any religious principles that you may hold.

On the other hand, your spiritual convictions will be strengthened be-cause you will find that Truth is the same in all lands and in all times regard-less of the name it may take or the manner of its presentation.

May the message that has been penned for you by myself and by my collaborator in Ceylon, the "Pearl upon the brow of India", the "Eden on the Western Wave", linger long with you and bring you a world of light and life and beauty radiant with joy and youth.

Charles F. Haanel

University City, U.S.A.

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